A Hand-up not a Hand-out

A Hand-Up not a Hand-Out! A few years ago…….There I was, staring at a blank wall, thinking what to do next! My husband lost his job twice in a matter of a few years. If you have lived in California, you’ll know that to live with just one salary(unless of course that salary is able […]

Breakfast Fit for an Author

Recipe from my #1 Bestselling Book: Foods Without the Burn.....(heartburn, that is!)

Happy Breakfast Oatmeal This is one of the recipes in my book, Foods Without The Burn: Simple, Healthy, and Delicious Recipes to Ease the Discomfort of Heartburn so YOU can Eat and Live Well As one suffering from heartburn, acid reflux and recovering from Barrett’s Esophagus, I developed this and other recipes that were very […]

Spark: The 8 Mental Habits of Highly Successful People (Inspired Media, 2017)

Author Jay Menez highlights special mental habits or attitudes that we can all apply in our own life situations.
How could a 5′ 3″ Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues be star in the land of giant NBA players and have a 15 year career in the NBA?
How could a man like Patrick “Blake” Leaper born without legs become one of the fastest professional runners in the world?
They had to be people with special mental attitudes. This is what this remarkable book answers.
Its a fascinating read!



The Social Media Marketing World 2018 is the largest conference and gathering of social media thought leaders, visionaries, and experts.

AND a big PLUS is you can make this a VACATION in beautiful San Diego. Come early and explore this America’s Finest City.

Date: February 28, 2018—March 2, 2018
Event: Social Media Marketing World 2018
Topic: Social Media Marketing World 2018
Sponsor: Social Media Examiner
Venue: San Diego Convention Center
Location: 111 W Harbor Dr.
San Diego, CA 92101
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

The 12 Hour Shift Slimdown: Ten Fat Loss Prescriptions Every Nurse Should Know: Lose 20-100 Lbs, Gain Energy & Feel Healthy Again! (Amazon , 2017)

The 12 Hour Shift Slimdown is a must read especially for the targeted readers that the author addresses to. Having been in the healthcare industry, I could relate with a lot of the things covered in this book. One particular thing that caught my attention is the fact that it is the “Why” in your life that’s the biggest reason for everything we do. I highly recommend reading this book to the end.