10 Easy Marketing Tips to Rock your Holidays with!

Learn how to be on top of your clients and potential clients minds even during the holidays with these 10 easy marketing tips. (From Susan Ordona's Presentation at Ironwood Estates in the Philippines).

Do you have a marketing plan for these busy weeks ahead of us?
It’s only a few weeks before Christmas. With the holidays just around the corner, Christmas and New Year and all the parties, gatherings, and get-togethers, shopping and all those things we get busy with during the Holidays, looking to buy a house is probably not on top of people’s minds at this point. Probably even looking at properties is not on the to-do list.
But for us, businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs, this is not a time that we should be complacent and be on the wait list for those potential clients that maybe could be using this holiday season to look for homes and shop around.

I recently spoke on stage to the real estate agents and brokers at Ironwood Estates in Lipa City, Batangas in the Philippines at the invitation of the developers and owners of the real estate development, Jay and Joey Pantangco.

I shared 10 marketing tips that are easy to implement. Most of them are based on my #1 Bestselling book, “Sold Out: Top Event Marketing Strategies to Create Social Media Buzz for your Next Event”. 

1. Start early. In the Philippines, as soon as September sets in, people are already on Christmas mode. So you have to start planning and drawing a marketing plan.
2. Continue showcasing your clients, employees, staff, vendors and suppliers and the company. Example: Testimonials of residents of how they like living at Ironwood Estates.
3. Host Facebook Live – maybe hold a Q & A session to answer frequently asked questions.
4. Don’t forget to add personal touches in your communication and interaction with people. They go a long way. Example: Gift baskets, Christmas cards, etc. to show appreciation
5. Create emotional connection with the community by creating goodwill. Example: Be sponsors or volunteers at school, church or other community events!
6. Encourage employees, clients and prospects to get involved in the holiday activities and gift giving. Example: Set up donation boxes for new or used items
7. Always be branding. Website and/or social media links should be on every signage, T-shirts, writing paper and other business related items.
8. Set up or update websites, social media profiles and other online presence. Maximize your efforts like managing your time by scheduling posts. Hootsuite is a scheduling tool that’s very helpful.

9. Use visual images and videos to grab attention. A tool I like to create text images is Canva. With Animoto, you can create marketing videos.
10. Optimize online assets for mobile marketing. See to it that they are set up properly for mobile.

Next is to take action and implement!

And in order to implement effectively, working as a team is very important.

What do you think about these tips? I’d love to hear your marketing ideas for the holidays. Please share them in the comments.

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