13 Speaking Tips and Bits

Speaker Training

Speaker Training

Speaking Tips from a non-speaker? Why would you listen to me? Even if I’m not a speaker per se, these tips and bits I have here are some of  the things I’ve learned by observation, by being with speakers, and by being an attendee.

I have been to so many live events that sometimes you already know the speaking styles of speakers, what they’re going to talk about and how they interact with the audience.

I hope you’ll benefit from this short list of tips I have here.

Here’s to your sharpening your speaking skills, meeting speaking event promoters, and getting on more stages-nationally and internationally and more…

  • If you’re speaking at a 3-day event, what or when is your favorite spot to be speaking to your audience? 1st day,2nd day or last day? early morning,before lunch,after lunch,or late afternoon?

This is a comment from Mindy Selinger of Networking Event Finders.

Mindy Selinger Any day as long as it’s not right after lunch. I did the 3rd day early on a Sunday morning, thought for sure people would blow off that time slot, but it was one of my best attended and interactive presentations. Surprised me.

  • YOU a speaker? Do you attend the networking party at the event where you’re speaking? If you don’t, think again. See why you should. It gives you an opportunity to get to know your audience and attendees more and develop rapport with them.
  • Don’t forget music at your speaking event! Very important.
  • Do you use quotes in your speech? How often do you quote someone? Where do you find quotes? Who you usually quote? To search for quotes,go to your favorite search engine, Google. Type in topic’s keyword followed by “quotes”.
  • Ideas that work! see them unfold at your next event!
  • Know when to grab your audience’s attention with your great speech opening.
  • The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t being said. – Unknown
  • How to sell to women, why they’re more important than men? Women  are mostly the decision makers in the family.
  • Build your Media Kit.
  • Photos and Videos are keys to establish you as a brand  and marketing your speaking business. Have someone take a lot of photos and videos of your presentations.
  • Use  social media to your advantage. Maximize your presence in the social networks.
  • Be yourself. Have fun with your audience.

Much more of these at the VIP Speaker Bootcamp in Sept. 9-11 in Anaheim,CA, where you will learn everything from A to Z for your speaking business.

What are some of your speaking tips?









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