A Hand-up not a Hand-out

A Hand-Up not a Hand-Out!

A few years ago…….There I was, staring at a blank wall, thinking what to do next!

My husband lost his job twice in a matter of a few years. If you have lived in California, you’ll know that to live with just one salary(unless of course that salary is able to sustain a family very comfortably) is tough. So for a lot of families, both husband and wife work to make ends meet. We had a young family then to support and myriads of bills to pay.

So there I was just thinking of what the next step would be for the family while my husband got busy right away on crafting resumes and applying for jobs.

I thought of so many things such as saving wherever we could as in our groceries, unnecessary trips here and there, cutting down on family activities, no eating out, no take-out orders, making sure I kept my job, asking for help? ???

The last part there just didn’t sound appealing to me. I was raised in a mentality that you don’t ask for help unless it is the very very last resort! I was raised to just wait for help and not ask for it.

I could have asked those we have helped before to return the favors but I was just so embarrassed to do so. Isn’t that we help without expecting something in return? or so I thought! This is true up to a certain point. There are critical times in your life that you may have to break your own rules.

In our situation at that time, we survived obviously. Before my husband landed a job after being laid off, we had some angels in our lives that offered some help and we are forever grateful for them as long as we live. We were fortunate to have them in our lives, they helped us without any question and without even being asked for help. And we have paid forward many times since then as well.

As I reflect on that situation of many years ago, I still resist on “asking for help” even to this day. However, there are times that you have to realize and be able to differentiate a “hand-up” and a “hand-out”.

I prefer asking(if I have to) a “hand-up” than a “hand-out”.

Did I just say “asking”? Oh yes! Asking for a “hand-up” when you really need it not only in our personal lives but also in our careers and in our businesses.

If you have been on the sidelines about your business and are stuck, maybe this is the year to ask for a “hand-up” so you can move forward.

  • Any ideas? I have a few to start with:
  • Ask for referrals from people you have helped before.
  • Ask for testimonials from those people as well.
  • Ask for resources(outsourcing, courses, seminars, great graphic designers, editors, formatters, etc.) from people who are in the know.
  • Ask someone you admire to coach you, mentor you or publish your book like I did when I wrote and publish my first book, “Sold Out: Top Event Marketing Strategies to Create the Social Media Buzz for your Next Event”.
  • Ask to meet with your local community leaders and see how you can all work together and come up with ideas for local businesses and the community.
  • Ask for feedback on your book cover, if you’re writing a book.
  • Ask for reviews for your book.
  • Ask for suggestions for topics that you might want to write about.
  • Ask for likes, comments, and share for your social media platforms.
  • Ask people how you can help them and help you in return.

So there’s a few to start with. Take inventory of what you have and then ask for a “hand-up” when necessary so you can get all those moving parts and put them all together so you can move forward this year and beyond.

Any more ideas?

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