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Socialmediaholic, online video not-so-camera-shy :-), internet marketing enthusiast, research focused, learning info crazy, PR serious, super in to these other passions – media, publicity, branding, business development, and of course I am an:

Events junkie person!

That’s me! Hello, my name is Susan Ordona of Social Buzz for Biz, for business event promotions through social media and online video marketing for entrepreneurs and small businesses to create your relationships, explode your online visibilities, and grow your profitable ventures.

We are going to be talking about business events of course, but more importantly is how to promote and market your business events. Events could be anything business related like live events, book tours, grand openings, business launches, fundraisers, non-profits, networking events, just to name a few.

We would be focusing on social media and web video marketing tips, business news, tools and strategies for business developments.

How did I Get Here? Here’s A Little Peek At My Life…

I come from the beautiful island of Leyte, Philippines…the beauty of it probably was one of the reasons General MacArthur landed there on October 20, 1944 marking the beginning of the Liberation of the Philippines, a 4-day Battle of Leyte Gulf, the largest naval battle in history.

(The Filipino people will always be forever indebted and grateful to General MacArthur).

As customary in the Philippines, after graduation from high school, there’s no other alternatives for you except to go to college. So on I went graduating with a degree in Medical Technology from the 400 year-old University of Santo Tomas in Manila, with plans to go to its world renowned medical school afterwards.

I landed a job at a local hospital in Manila and worked for a year or so to get the feel of hospital work before deciding to pursue medical school. Well, medical school didn’t happen for me, as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came along.

It didn’t take me long to think, decide and sign that contract and off I went to Germany to work in the Nuclear Medicine department of a big Catholic congregation-run hospital in the picturesque Westerwald part of Germany.

Up to this day I will never forget my German-European experience. Learning the language and knowing the people, the friends I made – two of the biggest highlights for me!

That unforgettable experience afforded me to be able to travel and admire the beauty of our European neighbors. For someone like me who is a lover of culture, architecture, classical music, literature, history, places and people, it was a learning and enriching adventure that I will never forget in my lifetime.

Not to mention my passion for food and wine and everything about it…that would be another blog.

The biggest highlight for me was meeting my future…. meeting my husband in Germany.

As his Germany US Army tour ended, he had to move back to the USA and I had to bid my German friends goodbye.

Then it was “America, here I come” for me.

After my husband ended his stint as a US Army Captain a few years after, we settled in San Diego, CA, (where he was born and raised).

I landed a job at the UCSD Medical Center at the Transfusion Services – Blood Bank Department as a clinical laboratory scientist and stayed there for many years.

It was probably during this time that my entrepreneurial spirit was born, it just didn’t get so much attention from me as I was busy raising a family, raising a wonderful son.

Manifestations of my business interests were already showing as evident later on when I found clippings of business articles from magazines, newspapers, and journals and also the books I read.

It’s funny but I always tell my husband that he can throw away my clothes just don’t touch my reading materials.

Anyway, this last decade has been a very transformational period of time for me.

It’s been a time for rediscovering passions amid setbacks, adversities, and health scare with a mini stroke a few years ago.

It’s been a time for so much learning and educating myself in business that I am more than ready to share, make a difference, inspire people, and go on a journey with you.


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