Engagement Is The Key!

“Engagement is the key! When you’re promoting a book, an event, a product or service, engagement with your readers, attendees, clients or customers continues way beyond those.”……Susan Ordona

Tip: Motivation For Writing Your Book

When you’re writing your book, it’s great when you can just write and get your writing “juices” up on a consistent basis.

Some people do this with just their ideas from their fingers to their computers or their writing pens to their writing pads, while others struggle to keep the momentum. 

So how do you get motivated either to start writing or keep on writing your book? 

One really effective way for me is having a mock up book cover in front of me. Seeing that keeps me going as I’m envisioning a finished book staring at me.

Have maybe a few of the book covers around your house as your sources of motivation to keep writing your book.   

How to:

Have a book cover designer make a book cover for you, even a preliminary one. You can design one yourself too.

Then have that book cover printed and wrap that around another book as if it’s the real book you’re writing. 

Even better, have more than one printed and wrapped around other books. 


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