Wealth Without Wall Street

Wealth Without Wall Street: Seven Keys To An Early Retirement by Robert C. San Luis

This book by personal finance expert, Robert C. San Luis, covers all the strategies for creating wealth without the speculation of Wall Street.

If you’re looking for specific tactics and tools that can help you start a new business, and improve the performance of an existing business or if you’re looking for avenues for creating passive income, then this book is worth a look.

My Life, My Struggles, My Story (Social Buzz for Biz Press, 2016)

My Life, My Struggles, My Story: A Transformational Journey From a Life of Childhood Abuse to a Life of Love, Joy, and Success by #1 Bestselling Author, Nelda Barba

This is Nelda’s story! A story of poverty, survival, overcoming all challenges starting at an early age!

From Amazon’s description: “She didn’t know what love meant from the day she could ever remember. It was something that she craved for all her growing up years.
At that time, all she knew was the the physical, mental and sexual abuse that she encountered from the people that were supposed to love her unconditionally.

A project of hers for the last 16 years when she started writing her story as part of the healing process, “My Life, My Struggles, My Story” tells how Nelda is sharing with her readers her journey from growing up in extreme poverty, being abused and bullied, riddled in shame and heartaches, to the time she found love only to experience more challenges to the time she found peace and joy with her children and the love of her life.
Nowadays, she teaches Yoga, which is something that has held her together as a person. Yoga allowed her to channel her creativity and share her enormous gifts to the world.”

It is a must read to get inspiration in our lives.

Empowering Women to Succeed: Bounce

Empowering Women To Succeed: Bounce is the 3rd book in the Empowering Women book series of #1 Bestselling author, Randi Goodman.

Randi is the co-founder of the Empowering Women to Succeed book series and events, co-founder of globally renowned business conferences, workshops, and podcast show, including Toronto Women’s Expo, Action Think Tank Academy, Business Wealth Summits and the Empowerment Radio Show.

With her being a caring, heart-centered entrepreneur who nurtures her networks with an altruistic view for the betterment of all in growth and prosperity, Randi is driven by her dedication to empowering the success of all women, and men, worldwide.

From the book’s Amazon’s description: “Empowering Women to Succeed Volume III: Bounce, has 16 authors, including one man, sharing incredibly powerful stories that will motivate and inspire you. Each author has poured their hearts into sharing their resiliency towards trauma, separation, death, abuse and many other challenges. Through their quests, they find overwhelming success and happiness and hope that you can find the same through their life experiences.

This book will have you hooked. You will either feel empathy towards the author, or if you are in a similar situation, you can learn from their experience and use it in your life. The authors share the steps they took to overcome with the intention that you will find hope, and know, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Reflect on your life through each chapter and be prepared to bounce back with us as you read along.

These women’s—and one man’s—stories will inspire you and uplift you on your path of empowerment, in elevating all women, and men, to push through their struggles and bounce back!”

Get your copy NOW: Empowering Women to Succeed: Bounce






Sold Out: Top Event Marketing Strategies to Create Social Media Buzz for your Next Event (Social Buzz for Biz Press)


This well written, practical, and user friendly book shows how social media plays a very important role in event marketing.
The focus is on live events mostly, although it also touches on virtual events to create the social media buzz for seminars, conferences, workshops, summits. The author laid out easy-to-implement strategies here so you can develop a blueprint for marketing your event in no time.