10 Easy Marketing Tips to Rock your Holidays with!

Learn how to be on top of your clients and potential clients minds even during the holidays with these 10 easy marketing tips. (From Susan Ordona's Presentation at Ironwood Estates in the Philippines).

Do you have a marketing plan for these busy weeks ahead of us? It’s only a few weeks before Christmas. With the holidays just around the corner, Christmas and New Year and all the parties, gatherings, and get-togethers, shopping and all those things we get busy with during the Holidays, looking to buy a house […]

Book Inspiration: What Inspired Me To Write “Sold Out”

"Sold Out: Top Event Marketing Strategies to Create Social Media Buzz for your next Event"

Book Inspiration: What Inspired Me To Write “Sold Out”   Pictured here are my nieces, Erica Mae and Jillian Mae Javier, from Abuyog, Leyte, Philippines. I am in the Philippines for a visit and a little vacation. Of course, I had to include a visit to my birthplace of Abuyog. Erica Mae and Jillian Mae […]

Wealth Without Wall Street

Wealth Without Wall Street: Seven Keys To An Early Retirement by Robert C. San Luis

This book by personal finance expert, Robert C. San Luis, covers all the strategies for creating wealth without the speculation of Wall Street.

If you’re looking for specific tactics and tools that can help you start a new business, and improve the performance of an existing business or if you’re looking for avenues for creating passive income, then this book is worth a look.

My Life, My Struggles, My Story (Social Buzz for Biz Press, 2016)

My Life, My Struggles, My Story: A Transformational Journey From a Life of Childhood Abuse to a Life of Love, Joy, and Success by #1 Bestselling Author, Nelda Barba

This is Nelda’s story! A story of poverty, survival, overcoming all challenges starting at an early age!

From Amazon’s description: “She didn’t know what love meant from the day she could ever remember. It was something that she craved for all her growing up years.
At that time, all she knew was the the physical, mental and sexual abuse that she encountered from the people that were supposed to love her unconditionally.

A project of hers for the last 16 years when she started writing her story as part of the healing process, “My Life, My Struggles, My Story” tells how Nelda is sharing with her readers her journey from growing up in extreme poverty, being abused and bullied, riddled in shame and heartaches, to the time she found love only to experience more challenges to the time she found peace and joy with her children and the love of her life.
Nowadays, she teaches Yoga, which is something that has held her together as a person. Yoga allowed her to channel her creativity and share her enormous gifts to the world.”

It is a must read to get inspiration in our lives.