10 Easy Marketing Tips to Rock your Holidays with!

Learn how to be on top of your clients and potential clients minds even during the holidays with these 10 easy marketing tips. (From Susan Ordona's Presentation at Ironwood Estates in the Philippines).

Do you have a marketing plan for these busy weeks ahead of us? It’s only a few weeks before Christmas. With the holidays just around the corner, Christmas and New Year and all the parties, gatherings, and get-togethers, shopping and all those things we get busy with during the Holidays, looking to buy a house […]

#WGLA Speaker/Author Jodi Topitz: Going from “we to me” Married to Single

Jodi Topitz speaking at the Excellence in Leadership Annual Conference 2016

Suddenly you wake up and realize you went from “we to me” being married to single! When the pain of divorce leaves you reeling! I know the feeling, not first hand as I’m happily married and not divorced, but I have friends and family who have gone through the experiences. So how do you cope? […]

Spotlighting the Authors/Speakers at the Excellence in Leadership Annual Conference 2016 – Part 1

Meet The Authors at the WGLA Event in March 10-12 in Las Vegas, NV, USA

LIVE at the Women’s Global Leadership Alliance big Event “Excellence in Leadership Annual Conference 2016” in Las Vegas, NV, USA on March 10-12! Author and Speaker Pamela “P.S.” Perkins, who will talk about “LIVING AND LEAVING YOUR LEGACY”! In this session, she will touched on three key points: “How to Eliminate Inheriting and Passing Down […]

Healthy and Wealthy Author: Health is the Greatest Wealth

Healthy and Wealthy Author: Health is the greatest Wealth We all have passions in life. Writing a book has become a great passion of mine that I’m in the middle of writing my second book. I’m igniting that passion! Igniting Your Passion with Perfect Health…..yes, we do and that’s what this is all about. By […]