(VIDEO) From 81% to 1% – Write Your Book

How I transitioned from the 81% to 1%!

One question I get asked most of the time after I wrote and published my books(Sold Out: Top Event Marketing Strategies To Create Social Media Buzz to your Next Event and Social Buzz for Books )is, “How did you write your books?”
This question is not surprising because according to a study by New York Times, 81% of the US population want to write a book, but only 1% actually do it!

How I transitioned from the 81% to 1% is that I overcame my self limiting beliefs by asking myself these three questions and finding the answers to those:
1. Am I good enough to write a book?
Yes, I am! I had to believe in myself first before anyone can.
2. Am I an expert and do I even have a message?
Yes, I am an expert in what I do as a book marketing consultant and a marketing strategist. And I have a unique message. Everyone of us is an expert and has a unique message.
3. Do I have a legacy?
Yes, I do. I have a legacy first of all to my family especially my son.

When you have a strong enough why for the things that you do, it’s easier to get past those limiting beliefs that hinder us in sharing our messages to the world.
Don’t let those limiting beliefs stop you!
The world is waiting for you!
If I could go from the 81% to that 1%, anyone can!

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