How to Compile a List of Potential Book Buyers Before your Book Launch

One of the things that someone asks when in the process of writing a book, is: “What should I do in terms of marketing when I’m still writing my book?”
As an author and a book publishing consultant, I usually answer with a question, “Do you have a list of potential buyers of your book?” because I know how important it is to have one.
I know when we are writing our books, we are very focused on just that…writing, that we overlook that there are some things that we need to address as well during that time. One of them is our market….our audience and our readers.
This is the time to start compiling a list of first our warm market which is our family, relatives and friends. Our families and friends are usually great in supporting us. They are excited to help you out.
Next is extend that list of coworkers, fellow authors and publishers, your professional contacts, organizations you’re involved with, your community!
And I know that you are also networking and attending events on a regular basis and you’re meeting new people.
Don’t be afraid to tell the world you have a book coming up. Who knows it might be the book that someone you just met, might be looking for!
From all these interactions, you’ll come up with a list of buyers right there.
The key is to start now. The earlier you do this, the better….the longer your list is going to be and the more people you’re going to reach.
When your book is ready on the launch date, your list will be ready as well.


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