“Like” or Comment On Your Own Post

Book marketing tip

Yes, it’s ok to “Like” your own post! and while you’re at it, go ahead and comment. It is one way to start the conversation about your post or update. If it’s about your book, by all means be the first one to give feedback, after all you’re the author and it’s your book. Of […]

Write Your Book as Your Reader

When writing your book, think and write as a reader

After you have written, launched and published your book or held an event, the question you have in your mind is, “what’s next?” Engagement is the key. Whether you just finished writing your book or at the process of writing another one, you have to continue engaging with your readers, book signing attendees, clients and […]

Twitter Book and Event Marketing Tip: Editing Your Twitter Profile

Marketing Tip: Editing Twitter Profile

  “Twitter is a very powerful platform for engaging, interacting and connecting with your followers in real time. Thus, it’s great for promoting your products and services. For example, in event marketing, Twitter is a very useful tool as well, in every stage….before, during, and after the event. It’s the same thing that applies in […]

eWomenNetwork April, 2016 Event and the upcoming eWomen Success Summit

Susan Ordona and Kimberly Alexander

The eWomenNetwork Tarrant County(Texas) Chapter meets once a month. This is one-of-a-kind monthly networking and mixer events of like minded entrepreneurial women who are helping each other through all the challenges of being in business and at the same time giving the support and encouragement on the road to success. Led by the Managing Director, […]