Empowering Women to Succeed: Bounce

Empowering Women To Succeed: Bounce is the 3rd book in the Empowering Women book series of #1 Bestselling author, Randi Goodman.

Randi is the co-founder of the Empowering Women to Succeed book series and events, co-founder of globally renowned business conferences, workshops, and podcast show, including Toronto Women’s Expo, Action Think Tank Academy, Business Wealth Summits and the Empowerment Radio Show.

With her being a caring, heart-centered entrepreneur who nurtures her networks with an altruistic view for the betterment of all in growth and prosperity, Randi is driven by her dedication to empowering the success of all women, and men, worldwide.

From the book’s Amazon’s description: “Empowering Women to Succeed Volume III: Bounce, has 16 authors, including one man, sharing incredibly powerful stories that will motivate and inspire you. Each author has poured their hearts into sharing their resiliency towards trauma, separation, death, abuse and many other challenges. Through their quests, they find overwhelming success and happiness and hope that you can find the same through their life experiences.

This book will have you hooked. You will either feel empathy towards the author, or if you are in a similar situation, you can learn from their experience and use it in your life. The authors share the steps they took to overcome with the intention that you will find hope, and know, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Reflect on your life through each chapter and be prepared to bounce back with us as you read along.

These women’s—and one man’s—stories will inspire you and uplift you on your path of empowerment, in elevating all women, and men, to push through their struggles and bounce back!”

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(VIDEO) From 81% to 1% – Write Your Book

How I transitioned from the 81% to 1%!

One question I get asked most of the time after I wrote and published my books(Sold Out: Top Event Marketing Strategies To Create Social Media Buzz to your Next Event and Social Buzz for Books )is, “How did you write your books?” This question is not surprising because according to a study by New York […]

“Engagement is the key! When you’re promoting a book, an event, a product or service, engagement with your readers, attendees, clients or customers continues way beyond those.”……Susan Ordona

Tip: Motivation For Writing Your Book

When you’re writing your book, it’s great when you can just write and get your writing “juices” up on a consistent basis.

Some people do this with just their ideas from their fingers to their computers or their writing pens to their writing pads, while others struggle to keep the momentum. 

So how do you get motivated either to start writing or keep on writing your book? 

One really effective way for me is having a mock up book cover in front of me. Seeing that keeps me going as I’m envisioning a finished book staring at me.

Have maybe a few of the book covers around your house as your sources of motivation to keep writing your book.   

How to:

Have a book cover designer make a book cover for you, even a preliminary one. You can design one yourself too.

Then have that book cover printed and wrap that around another book as if it’s the real book you’re writing. 

Even better, have more than one printed and wrapped around other books.