Visibility: How Fast Company wants you to be visible

Fast Company Magazine

I’m reading my copy of the recent issue of the Fast Company magazine and I had to write this real quick so I don’t forget. It’s been almost a month now since the project “2010 Most Influential People” started. There is still time to get yourself into the project.

Fast Company wants YOU, your photo, and your bio, to be in their November issue. Be a part of their project and see how influential you are.

At a recent Joint Venture mastermind retreat, I shared this project with the group because I see the value of this. Talking about free publicity, visibility, opportunity and connection possibilities from a magazine with 725,000 subscribers! That is terrific!

It’s easy to register to sign up with your name, email address and a short 140-character bio. You have to create a user name and a password.

Then you will have your own URL. You can register here if you want.

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