Want to know the Roadmap to Recovery?The future of the Real Estate Industry

Joel Burslem,the VP of Content of Inman News,the largest Real Estate news media,will address this on his upcoming interview by Larry Loik,President and Founder of The Real Estate Investor Network and host of  thenewmoneyshow.com,on December 7,Sunday from 2-3pm Pacific time,CBS Radio 97.1 FM KLSX Los Angeles.

I know you must be thinking I’m crazy writing about real estate when there’s gloom and doom portrayed in our surroundings.Housing market is not a very popular topic nowadays.People are losing homes to foreclosures.People are losing their jobs.Businesses are closing.Budgets are cut drastically.We could go on and list all the “bad things” happening to us.But resilient people as we are,we just have to be positive and optimistic about the future.We will rise above this economic downturn,stronger as ever.The American people as a big community will get through this.

We still have a lot of blessings to be thankful for.There are still a lot of people blessed enough to afford getting into the biggest opportunities in real estate right now.As Donald Trump says,”When the world goes bad,think discount”. Yes,there is a lot of real estate discounts in Foreclosure properties especially.In my opinion,the more people that get into these opportunities and more financially independent the more they are able to help other people and these could transform entrepreneurs and small business owners and others to maybe provide jobs to a lot of people,not to forget that you,as investors and buyers,also are providing housing for a lot of people.

I was just in Dallas/Fort Worth,Texas last week.Being curious and wanted to see it for myself ,my husband and I,drove around some new developments in the area.I felt good as I saw some “Sold” signs on lots and houses being built.So that means that there are still people buying.By the way,the median price of the homes where we were,are on the mid $200,000s that in California would command in the $400,000s.A couple that we know just bought one and they are getting all kinds of discounts,incentives and upgrades—they are designing their dream home at bottom price!There is no better time than now to do that,’cause it will be decades again before we see opportunities like this.

Anyway,I invite you to tune in to this very important informative interview and exchange of ideas between two authorities in the industry on Sunday,December 7 at 2-3pm 97.1 FM CBS Radio KLSX Los Angeles.You can  go to www.thenewmoneyshow.com  or  www.971freefm.com to listen in.

Here’s to a very nice and blessed day for all of us and to our bright future!

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