YOUR Complete PR Agency Toolkit: 13 Things on How To Build Buzz About YOU

Your Complete PR Agency Toolkit YOUTUBE VIDEO

13 Things and MORE, you will learn to get YOUR own PR Agency Toolkit from Anne McKevitt with Ali Brown
1. How to map YOUR PR Strategy
2. How to make PR be powerful enough to be YOUR main marketing vehicle
3. Learn specific tactics for print media,TV, radio, and web-based PR
4. How to prepare for interviews
5. Learn the right ways to speak in soundbites
6. Know how to implement your PR plans
7. How to create articles, press releases, pitch letters that get attention
8. How to launch your media blitz
9. Learn the nitty-gritty details of creating your PR and media plan
10. Know how to create a month-to-month timelines on first 12 months
11. Know how to link your content to events, holidays, and topical issues
12. How to create your media kit with right mix of photos, biography, brand info
13. Do’s and Don’ts in your PR campaigns

What other aspects of PR would you want to learn? Join Anne McKevitt TODAY as she unveils her secrets to becoming one of the sought after PR strategists in the world.

Telecourse runs from Sept. 16 to Nov. 18,2010.

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